A unique and innovative mobile office which can be adapted to virtually any environment


Extremely versatile and can be used as a temporary/movable workstation


Folded and locked when not in use – saving on space and adding more security


Comes fully assembled – no need for installation hassle or charges
M.A.U.D.E. desk on wheels

Being competitive in the 21st century requires excellent resource management.  No matter how big - or small - your company two critical resources are time and space.

Time for its scarcity, space for its necessity.  

In today's rapidly changing landscape, flex-adaptibility equal agility to jump into tomorrow when your competition is stuck in yesterday.

DOW (Desk On Wheels) – a unique and innovative mobile office solution designed and engineered to "jump" on command.

The DOW portable office desk is a highly mobile work-space situated atop of 6 durable and lockable casters. 

Minimalism was the driving force behind its design: compact while in use - or stowed - its achievement.

Its desktop offers sufficient work space flanked by ample storage. Its footprint minimal space utilization.

M.A.U.D.E. mobile office desk

The DOW mobile office desk offers versatility and ease of use especially where necessity demands portable workstations.  

Dynamic and changing environments such as event spaces, construction sites, emergency management command and control locations or anywhere adaptation is paramount is where DOW excels.

DOW'S durable collapsible desk design presents compelling economic advantage when compared to its traditional counterpart.

Its re-usability and ease of transition with virtually no set-up or breakdown equate to continued capital savings throughout its (very long & virtually maintenance-free) equipment life-cycle.